OWNER: Barry Gaunt - Motor Mayhem - Steve Butler

BUILDER: Barry Gaunt at Rockhampton, Qld.

VEHICLE: Ford F-100

ENGINE: Chevrolet big-block V8

CARBURETION: Naturally aspirated


SUSPENSION: Custom built arch springs with 16 heavy duty shock absorbers, later changed to -Front = leaf springs with 4 heavy duty shock absorbers. Rear = leaf springs (no shock absorbers)

TIRES: 73" tubeless floatation tires

STEERING: 4 wheel steer

HEIGHT: 11ft

WIDTH: 11ft

WEIGHT: 6 1/2ton

Dear Dennis,

I would also like to let you know that Mr. Vic Butler passed away in 2001, may his memory live on. Vic and Steve pretty much started the travelling monster truck shows here in Australia with one dirt bike and one monster truck called WILD THING which they bought from Barry Gaunt. Steve and Vic completely rebuilt and modified the truck and ran the truck for about 10 or so years Vic's son Steve still owns Wild Thing. I also forgot to mention that Jack Willman's truck TAURUS number 2 or 3 was also purchased by Steve and Vic Butler. Sam Xuereb later bought the truck then sold it to Iain Soanes who took it and his own truck TERRA TRIP to New Zealand where he now resides, if you need any more information please don't hesitate to ask.

 yours faithfully,

Stuart Forrest

Rich wrote, "I have liked this truck ever since I first saw it a year or two ago. Pretty cool older Ford, around a 1979 F series. Enjoy."

Thanks for the picture and info, Mark Hurley and Richard Scott.

Hi Dennis,

Please find attached photos of our Aussie Monster Trucks.

All photos courtesy of the Aussie (+Kiwi) Monster Trucks Gallery - www.amt.mtm2.com

 Kind Regards,

Mark Hurley and David Carr.