OWNER: Calvin and Kelly Carrington of Sturbridge, MA.

These three shots are from Flyin Bryan Wagner

This Chevy has the same suspension as the Ford. Farther down the page the suspension changed to coil overs which are also on the Chevy of the next page so I'm not sure where this Chevy fits

Shots from the "Rat Race" movie.


  Hey -- great work on collecting all of those monster truck pictures for your site; I hope it stays up for a long time because it's really a great resource, and almost to the point where it's nostalgic to look back on all the older trucks that I grew up with. Anyway, I was looking through some pictures I took at monster truck shows to see if I could help you out, and I came across a "Wildfire" monster truck in one of them. I noticed you did not have many pictures for the one at so I figured I would send this one to you.

-Justin Adams

Thanks a lot Justin