If you go on to KCM motor sports there is some information on his site about me and my trucks. i have painted Kreg's trucks for years, Insano,(witch I now own) Dragon Slayer, Thunder Struck, Missbehavin, Mischievious, Obsession, Super Trucker. Dennis I am a painter by profession, I have painted Bounty Hunter and Scarlet Bandit for Jimmy Kreten, and the Dakota Bear Foot of Shafer's. High Anxiety for Chris Roy. The new paint job on Unnamed and Untamed, black with trible flames for Sam Sturgis. I hope I am not boring you, but you have to be a monster truck fan..... right God knows I am. Any way my new truck is called ARACHNAPHOBIA ,there is one picture of it tired up on KCM site. My other truck is Kaptain Insano, you already know what that one looks like. My new ride truck is called the Paddy Wagon, shes pretty. My tank is called GRIM RIPPER, really cool black with flames and a wing. and I just sold my other tank THE PATRIOT, witch is on your web site in for sale, my welder Mike Edgar, (Metal Mike), we call him also drives Arachna for me. Then I just sold a Toyota on 48 inch tires and two and a half ton axles, 440 big block, red with flames, we call it GODYOTA , I have pics of me clearing 5 cars, pretty dumb, I lucked out. Well I'll tell you a little about my family, my wife's name is Jennifer, I have 3 kids from a previous marriage, 2 of my wife's girls I adopted, and one together. Scotty, Bobbie, Krista, Alex, Shandy, Zoey that's oldest to youngest. My brother and his three kids live with us also for now. Any way I was just bored and thought I would email some info, to our new friend. We are building a web site for my monster truck business, and will be done with it soon, it will have all my history from a to z. would like to get some links. Any way Dennis drop me a line when you have time ok. Scott Anderson/ Scooter. A.P.M.T racing and productions 330n 3800e Rigby, Idaho 83442. 1 208 745 6487

Hi Dennis, Scott Anderson here again, in your unknown trucks the 91 ford truck for sale. It is the Wild Child, and I sold it to Jim Lehnertz, in Lodi,Ca. It is now called the Skysraper. That's my wife Jennifer sitting on the tire. Just a little more info.

Scott Anderson

Thanks for the info Scott, can't wait to see the rest of your trucks.

Scott Anderson/ Scooter

Picture courtesy of Team-KCM.com