Here are the pictures of Wildwood, New Jersey. It was a great weekend with the NJHRA putting on 3 great shows. It was another weekend with Gary Porter and Grave Digger winning all 3 events. The biggest challenge for him was tieing Brandon Harrington in Spiderman in Freestyle on Saturday. But all the trucks did a great job. Mike Vaters in Black Stallion, what can you say? The man is Awesome. In my opinion he should have won Sunday's freestyle. And Michael Harper in Carolina Crusher, (my first time seeing this kid), has no fear. He really did a great job controlling the truck. the announcer kept saying, "someone find this kid a wife so his Mom can have some Grandkids. But it was a Digger show as Porter put it, " the Black and Green Wrecking Machine was running awesome. Well take care, hope all is well.

Later, Donnie Farrelly

PS. Forgot this, check out the Tuff Trucks. No Boundaries was awesome. And I found the War Wagon in Wildwood at Bill's Service Station.

The pictures look great and I'm going to have to come down and cover that show with you next year. Let's plan ahead.

Back Draft

Black Stallion

The Broker

Carolina Crusher

Grave Digger

Sudden Impact


War Wagon