NEW OWNER: Davis Off Road in Richmond Va

OWNER: Ray Mowery

DRIVER: Jason Witte of Washington, MO.

VEHICLE: 2003 Chevy Silverado

CHASSIS: Custome build 4 link railing chassis

ENGINE: 505 cubic inch Lloyd Fisher motor


TRANSMISSION: Coan build turbo 400 3 speed

AXLES: Custom build F-106


TIRES: Goodyear 66x44x25

SHOCKS: Comb's nitrogen

SHOCK TRAVEL: 30 inches front and rear



Just wanted to give you some updated info, The Wild Hair truck is now owned by Davis Off Road in Richmond Va. Truck specs are the same as before at this time, we are currently getting ready to do some updates to the truck and very very possibly get it back on the monster jam circuit. Do to our busy schedule at our current business we do currently have it listed for sale. Even if sold we are going to hold the rights to the truck so that it will see some spotlight time and get the publicity it deserves as one of the long standing names in the monster truck world!!!

You have developed a great web site been checking it out for many years, you also have our mini monster on your site ( Grizzly Thunder ) and will forward you some further photos of some of our huge projects in the works.

A couple of sites you can link the Wild Hair to would be:



Thanks keep up the good work

JW Davis

Jason Witte of Washington, MO.

I scanned these shots from a Monster Jam Official Souvenir Yearbook.

John Poe sent me the picture below. Thanks John, never seen this before.

Donnie Farrelly sent me these pictures.

Cory Schwab sent me these pictures.

Paul Andrews sent me these photos.

Paul M Harry sent me these photos.

This one of Wild Hair is from Kemper Arena in Kansas City on Jan 31st. Ryan Seddon

John Hollomon sent me these pictures.

From Dan Belcher

here is a photo that I took in Radford, VA. at the Vaters Motorsports show:

Michael Moser

Jonathan Lenhardt sent me this shot.

Derrick Golla sent me these photos.