Owner: Randy Moore

Displacement: 572 cubic inch

Power: 1460 hp @ 8300 rpm

Torque: 950 ft. lb. @ 7200 rpm

Transmission: 2 speed planetary

Tires: 66 x 43 x 25

Wheel base: 145 inch

Length: 215 inch

Weight: 9000 lb

Zero to 30 mph: 1.8 seconds

Zero to 60 mph: 5.2 seconds

1/4 mile elapsed time: 14.2 seconds @ 87 mph

Top speed: 112 mph @ 8700 rpm

Braking: 70 - zero mph 196 ft

Fuel mileage (methanol) 02 mpg

I scanned this shot from a Monster Jam Official Souvenir Yearbook.


Hello, as always I have been enjoying your website. Thanks for your help, I also have sent you a couple of new cool pics, keep up the good work, if I can ever help you let me know!!

 Randy Moore

The War Wizard trucks are the sharpest trucks I've seen in a long time.


Visit their site to get a better look.

Derrick Golla sent these.

Hello Dennis,

Here is a picture from the 2009 Monster Jam that took place at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA. on 1.10.09.

Thanks and Enjoy,

John Herron


Cory Schwab sent these.

Here are some pictures of War Wizard in Kansas City that I took last

January. I saw your site didn't have very many pictures of it, so I am

sending these in. Keep up the good work.

Ben Ragan


Hello, your site is awesome! Here are some updated action photos of the WAR WIZARD in action, keep up the good work!

 Randy Moore

Randy Moore in War Wizard going into the wall from a

crazy donut. They had to use the RII to shut him off.

Steve Parry