Hey Dennis,

Here is a Monster that just sold on Ebay. It was built originally as a Mud Bogger back in 1984. It's picture appeared in several magazines of it laying on its side in a mudbog. I do have that picture in one of my scrapbooks and when I get my scanner fixed, I will send it to you. here are some specs.

Built in 1984 by Steve Worthington as a Mud Bogger using a 1/2 ton Dodge shortbed p/u frame. It ran 40 inch tires.

Later, "WAR WAGON" graduated to tractor tires and 2 1/2 ton axles.

Steve was asked to race "WAR WAGON" w/ the tractor tired version by promoter Ron Brit after he found out one of the monster trucks that showed up for the race had a blown up motor and was still parked on the trailer.

After that race, Steve bought 5 ton rear ends and 66x43x25 tires and attached them to the 1/2 ton Dodge truck frame.

Steve built a total of 7 frames for this vehicle, even trying air bags and four links before settling w/ the last frame setup which uses leaf springs in the front and coilover shocks and fourlinks in the rear.

"War Wagon" used a 360 Chrysler small block motor. It last raced in 1993

Steve is the owner of Worthington Motorsports and still races. When he is not racing his drag boat, he is racing his Dirt IMCA Modified, or racing modifieds. Steve has been offered jobs driving monster trucks again, but at this time his plate is full .

Steve sent us these images of "WAR WAGON" and is sending more. He also included a couple pics of his drag boat. Enjoy.

Richard Scott