Here are a bunch of pictures from the 2004 Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Trucks in attendance:

Avenger - Jim Koehler

Blacksmith - Pablo Huffaker

Blue Thunder - Tony Farrell

Bounty Hunter - Jimmy Creten

Bulldozer - Guy Wood

El Toro - Lupe Soza

Grave Digger - Dennis Anderson

Hot Wheels - Neil Elliott

King Krunch - David Smith

Little Tiger - Brian Barthel

Madusa – Madusa

Maximum Destruction - Tom Meents

Monster Mutt - Bobby Z

Power Forward - Carl Van Horn

Team Suzuki - Kathy Winston

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle - Paul Cohen


 The Racing results were:

Round 1:

Maximum Destruction (winner) vs Hot Wheels

Bulldozer (winner) vs Monster Mutt

Blacksmith (winner) vs Power Forward

Blue Thunder (winner) vs Ninja Turtle

Bounty Hunter (winner) vs Avenger

Madusa (winner) vs Little Tiger

King Krunch (winner) vs El Toro Loco

Grave Digger (winner) vs Team Suzuki


Maximum Destruction (winner) vs Bulldozer

Blacksmith (winner) vs Blue Thunder

Bounty Hunter (winner) vs Little Tiger (Madusa could not return for Round 2)

Grave Digger (winner) vs King Krunch


Blacksmith (winner) vs Maximum Destruction

Grave Digger (winner) vs Bounty Hunter


Grave Digger (winner) vs Blacksmith


 The Freestyle Results:

Co-Champion - Maximum Destruction - Tom Meents - 31

Co-Champion - El Toro Loco - Lupe Soza - 31

Co-Champion - Madusa – Madusa - 31

Grave Digger - Dennis Anderson - 30

Bounty Hunter - Jimmy Creten - 30

King Krunch - David Smith - 27

Blacksmith - Pablo Huffaker - 26

Hot Wheels - Neil Elliott - 25

Little Tiger - Brian Barthel - 23

Bulldozer - Guy Wood - 20

Monster Mutt - Bobby Z - 19

Power Forward - Carl Van Horn - 18

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle - Paul Cohen - 11

Avenger - Jim Koehler - 9

Team Suzuki - Kathy Winston - 9

Blue Thunder - Tony Farrell - 9

Coverage and photos by Cory Schwab.

Thank you Cory for the MONSTER truck load of pictures. I am pleased to see the fantastic use of imagination and brilliant colors on the new paint schemes this year. I can't believe our good friend John Seasock wasn't there this year.

 Sit back and enjoy these wonderful pictures of the trucks staged for battle.

Truck preparation.

Pit Party

Desert Shots


Freestyle page 1

Freestyle page 2

Freestyle page 3

Grand Finally

Morning After