Yesterday 2/22/8 I spent about 1 hour on the phone with Everett. I had a request from a fan to ask if he could take his child to meet Everett. Everett said by all means, let everyone know that he is not untouchable, just give him a call. He is thrilled to talk with and meet the fans. He says "I'm just a good ol boy" he doesn't want to be treated like a star, just a person. So give him a call (763) 434-8813.

OWNER: Everett Jasmer of Spring Lake Park, Minnesota. He now resides in Ham Lake, Minnesota

VEHICLE: 1970 Chevy

ENGINE: 540 Can-Am

CARBURETION: 2 Predator 6,000 series carbs atop a 6-71 GMC blower and a nitrous oxide system



RUNNING GEAR: T-223 Rockwell transfer case, and 5 ton Rockwell military axles with Detroit lockers and Warn lockout hubs

SUSPENSION: custom leafs and 16 Rancho shocks

TIRES: 66x43x25 inch Goodyear Terras

FEATURES: 6 KC Daylighters, Westin rear bumper, Warn reflection front bumper, Stull tube grill, full tilt body, and a Warn winch.

WEIGHT: 12,000 lbs.

HEIGHT: 11 feet

WIDTH: 11 feet

COST TO BUILD: $150,000.00

This truck was one of the first generation Monster Trucks. Everett has explained to me that when he built the truck he was not aware of the other three trucks that were also built at the same time frame. To his knowledge at the time, he had built a one of a kind original. Everett came from a Drag Racing background so being a mechanic is what he knew. Everything on his truck he built himself. Some of Everett's innovations to the Monster Truck Industry were drive line disc brakes, hydraulic steering, the full tilt body, and some other innovations that were then used by other monster truck builders.

The reason we don't see a USA-1 competing today was also explained to me. Everett, coming from a background of Drag Racing, wanted to see the sport go in the direction of a legitimate motorsport. As you may recall, back in 1988 USA-1 was crowned the very first National Champion on the Renegade/TNT Motorsports Tour. Everett was on top of the Monster Truck world in what I would call the only real racing points championship circuit ever in the history of the sport. Things were going in the right direction. Then the promoters took over the sport and made it show bizz, rather than a legitimate motorsport. Everett calls what we see today "Professional Wrestling on Wheels." Everett had started a third USA-1 race truck, but before the truck was completed, the sport started going in a direction that Everett did not want to be a part of. Everett still has the trucks parked in his shop but he is standing by his principles and they will not come out to the WWF mentality of todays monster truck shows. Over the years he has been trying to get things going in the direction of a legitimate motorsport again, but it looks like a lost cause.

Everett gave me these 6 pictures.

Jeff Bates sent me this shot.

Trading Card

I scanned these shots from Bill Holder's book "Monstrous Trucks". Photography by Harry Dunn.

I scanned these shots from Michael Bargo's book "Monster Trucks".

Jeff Cook of War Wagon sent me this shot.

I scanned these pictures from Magazines that I purchased.

Don Sheehey sent me the next 6 shots.

This is from the "Auto Thrill Show" at the Pontiac Silverdome. USA 1 and Krimson Krusher did a monster drag race in the mud. AWSOME to see. The track crew destroyed K K trying to get it out. Hope you like these, Steve Hurt

These shots were captured from Return of the Monster Trucks.

Luis Vera from Puerto Rico. I reside in Orlando, FL.