Clear Channel Entertainment's Motor Sports - Built Ford Tuff Monster Jam Summer Heat

Just got home from the show. Friday 6/27/03. There were only 6 trucks, but the guys did a great job. The show had the usual Quad War antics, R/C monsters running around, Stock Cars racing around the asphalt oval, and a fire breathing Jeep powered by a helicopter jet engine.

The side by side racing was close in every round, and Randy Brown with Grave Digger came out on top. The trill of the night as always was free style. Andy Slifko with the Eradicator did another outstanding performance. He really knows how to stand that truck on it's back side. I hope my shots turned out to show how straight up and down he got it. After a couple launches he landed hard on the front tire, letting the air out of it. This ended his run early and I feel he got ripped by the score cards. Then John Seasock came out with Sudden Impact and he got some great air, did a few 360's and his famous roof walk (which by the way John, this is the first time I've been in the stands when you did that, and you should have heard how impressed the people sitting around me were.) John got a really good score for his efforts, I think all 8's but not sure. Then came Back Draft and Pure Adrenalin, I'm sorry I didn't catch the drivers but they both put on some great jumps and 360's. There is a pit lane in the infield of the track that has about a 6 foot bank on one side of it. Both trucks really launched over that bank. Then came AMERICAN GUARDIAN. He came out of the pits on the other side of the 6 foot bank, did a 360, then head for the bank at a pretty good clip. As he launched the truck straight up he hit the flame thrower in the back. The trucks tailgate had to be 20 feet in the air. The truck landed hard and took a bounce that put it on it's side. The crowd booed when he got a really low score, but I don't think he was out there more than 15 sec. So I understand the score even if it was one of the coolest things I've seen. By the way, he drove the truck off the field, great job. Then Randy Brown brought out the Grave Digger, and I have to say I still get chills when Digger's doing Freestyle. Randy drove that truck like Dennis Anderson himself would. One hell of a job, clean sweep for the Digger. And to think one hour before I left home, I wanted to stay home and work on the new house instead of go to the show. I'm so glad the boys talked me into it.

I'm very disappointed with my pictures. As soon as it got dark, my pictures got terrible.

Digger Wins!