I took Alex to the show in Owego, NY. in June. It cost a whopping $20 each to see 5 trucks. To put this in perspective, we are going to Bloomsburg next week to see over 2,700 trucks and it has never cost $20. First off, no show should have only 5 trucks, it is too short that way. The slowest qualifier was 5 seconds and one didn't even qualify. So that makes a total of 20 seconds of action. Then there are 6 races at 5 seconds or less. Then 5 freestyles at 1 1/2 min. Total action 8 min. 20 seconds.

Next the pit party is where I walk around the trucks and get some good close up shots for me and you. Here the pit party consisted of putting the 5 drivers at a table behind the stands and send the people through a long line to get an autograph while the trucks were parked in the infield out of sight behind the haulers. Get in line, NO WAY.

I do have to say though they did try to fill some time up, they had a dodgeball game between track officals and Quad drivers. They let the bulldozer and loader that made the track do a parade lap and stop in front of the fence to wave to the crowd. The fire company did the same then we sat trough a 25 min. display of the fire co. extracting a victim from a junk car. They had a few R/C cars out there. Oh and who can forget the oh-so predictable Quad Wars script that has not changed in years. Get rid of the Quads and keep the Tuff Trucks, Pro or not they are much better for fill.

Needless to say I went home feeling like I'd been robbed.