Jack Wilman Jr.

Eldon Depew

Jack Wilman Jr. and Jack Wilman

Owner: Jack Willman Sr. & Jack Willman Jr., Granite City, Ill.

Vehicle: fiberglass 1989 GMC Sierra

Engine: Chevy 572 cu.in.

Carburetion: 6-71 Hilborn injection system and a Mooneyham 6-71 blower

Horsepower: 1200

Transmission: TH400

Running Gear: ProFab transfer case, secret axles with planetary

Suspension: four-link with coil over shocks, allows for nearly 18 inches of travel

Tires: 66X43X25 inch Goodyear Terras

Cost to build: $70,000.00

Time to build: 6 monthes

Weight: 7,900 lbs.

1991 - U.S. Hot Rod Camel Mud and Monster series won by Taurus driven by Jack Willman Jr.

I scanned this shot from Michael Bensons' book "Monster Trucks". Photography by Mike Bargo.

Thanks Tad!

From Tad

I scanned these pictures from Magazines that I purchased.

Justin Spulak sent me this shot.

Eldon Depew