I took my boys, Alex, Tony, and their friend Dave to the show Last night (5/31/3). It was Dave's first out door show, and he had a great time. He said it was much better than Monsters on ice. I had bought my son Tony a nice Digital camera and Alex a video camera which he couldn't use at this show. How ever I let him use a fixed lens 35 mm camera. Why am I explaining this to you, well this was there first show as photographers for the Monster Truck Photo Album. I'm trying to make them a part of the whole thing. Alex is 15 and Tony is 13 so its time.

We went as guests of Clear Channel Entertainment, and they really know how to treat their guests. Shawn was in charge of the show, and he is one of the nicest guys in the biz. He hooked us up with Press credentials and the best seats in the house. If you look at the picture of High Roller that Tony took you'll see red rooms hanging from the top of the grandstands in the back ground. That is where we watched the show from.

It is important to note that it rained all day and night, cold and miserable. Joe Lowe (announcer) said that if the crowd braved the weather, they deserved a great show. And that is exactly what we got. The trucks had problems making corners because of the slime they drove in, come to think of it, they had trouble going straight also. Through it all they did a wonderful job, keeping things going, and the crowd seemed to forget the non stopping rain. Speaking of the crowd, we all thought there wouldn't be anyone coming. You would not believe the amount of monster fans in the Great State of New York. They were still pouring in after the show started.

Andrew Palochko found us before the show started and we hung out together the rest of the night. (GREAT GUY)

Gary Porter was driving Digger, he did a masterful job with what he had to work with but could not get the truck to hook up in the mud. He still come in second in the freestyle, but I think he could have done better if he hadn't been spinning so much. Brian Barthel had the same trouble with Wolverine but he had a nice showing. Rambo and Little Tiger put on really good freestyle shows. Phil Foster (I think) did a great job with the High Roller in a really tight final with Maximum Destruction. The man of the day this time was Tom Meents. I know I've had a negative opinion in the past, but not anymore. I've seen all the World Finals and been to many shows, but the driving skill he showed last night beats all. The truck hooked up and Tom even lifted a tire in his cyclone spins. I know you think so what, but if you had seen the track conditions. When the others did 360's they spun the tires fast but the trucks went around slow. Tom's was a walking cyclone. He would start and as the truck went around it slid down the track in front of the crowd. Very cool.

Bottom line is Clear Channels puts on a great show no matter what. Thanks to all.

I'm giving you Tony's shots now, but you have to promise to check back in a week when my film gets developed for the rest of it. After Dark Tony's camera couldn't get the shots.

During the intros Joe Lowe announced that Brian and Wolverine where the World Champion for racing. Then in the back of the pits Digger and Maximum Destruction fired up their engines and come raring out of each end of the pits and come down the track from each end and run into the tires of Wolverine. Really nice touch.

I took the next pictures.

On the left is my Son Tony, David Keys, and then my Son Alex.