Owner: Cliff Starbird

Jamie Voeller sent me the first 4 pictures.

I scanned these pictures from Magazines that I purchased.

Ryan Seddon sent me this picture. Ryan's father is a friend of Cliff Starbird.

These shots were captured from a Pontiac 1987 show.

These shots were captured from a video in Seattle 1987.

These shots were captured from a Minneapolis 1987 show.

The video you have of wildstang flipping over is of my late husband, Barry Wentz. Although, Cliff "owned" the monster trucks. My husband drove them also. At the time, or sometime after that he married Cliff's sister Debbie.

The one of Wildstang flipping over is in Canada. I heard the story from the horses mouth, he was pinned under that pile of metal for over a half hour. Just thought you would like to know that, as Barry was very proud of his monster truck days. I do have pictures of Wildstang, MonsterVette and of Frankenstein.

Thank you,

Lisa Wentz

This is how it looks today.