OWNER: Allen Tura

VEHICLE: 1988 Ford Super Duty

TANK: 1944 M-4 Personnel Carrier

ENGINE: 460 Ford bored to 472



RUNNING GEAR: 20 inch drop box, 2 1/2 ton transfer case which drops the drive line another foot, then the power is reversed through a V-drive into the M-4 gearbox.

SUSPENSION: this was the first tank-truck with a suspension between the truck and the tank using leaf springs and Rugged Trail shocks.

FEATURES: Reflexion chrome bumper, Ramsey three-peice Boss chrome bumper and a 12,000 lb. Ramsey winch. The bed is covered with aluminum plating as well as running boards, and the floor of the cab. Hobrecht roll bar, and 3 KC Daylighters.

WEIGHT: 22,500 lbs.

HEIGHT: 9 feet 6 inches

TOP SPEED: 50 mph.

I scanned the first 3 shots from Bill Holder's book "The Ultimate Book Of Monster Trucks". Photography by John D. Farquhar.

I scanned these pictures from Magazines that I purchased.

Steve Hurt sent this shot.

Daniel Gauthier sent me these 4 pictures. He took the pictures at Restaurant Madrid in 1996 or 1997.

Hi Dennis,

I'm sending you more pictures of monster trax Son of Goliath and Top Gun. The summer pictures are from 1996 and the winter pictures are from 1999. As you will see on 99's winter pictures, the trucks look to be deteriorated. This is because the trucks are always at the exterior so they are exposed to winter aggression and public aggression too, due to free access without control. The maintenance is really not their priority....

Anyway if you're like me, you will appreciate the frame and construction details. Hope you enjoy


I captured these shots from a video.