Hi Dennis

Long time no talk and unfortunately I have some bad news...the creator and driver of Runnin' II Wild, Ron Tasker has passed away and I would like it if you would put the attached picture on our page of your site along with this write up. If you could do this it would be muchly appreciated.

Tasker, Ronald Thomas: It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of our Beloved Ronnie on May 25, 2006. Born in Penticton, BC on May 6, 1963, he spent most of his life in Okanagan Falls. Ronnie had many interests in his lifetime including hockey, motocross, mud racing, stock car racing, floor hockey and especially the creating and driving BC's first Monster truck. He was a tool and die maker by trade and he could fix or make just about anything. Ronnie will be remembered for his giving nature, incredible sense of humour and very loving heart. He is survived by his loving parents Don and Elaine, brother Lenny, nephews Jessie and Sean, adopted son Braden, step-daughters, Kalee and Morgan, common law wife Kristie and beloved son Cruz.

Thank you

Braden Mare

Runnin' II Wild

Ron Tasker

Owner: Ron Tasker of Okanagan Falls B.C.

Vehicle: fiberglass 66 Chevy body

Engine: 502 big block Chevy crate motor

Horsepower: 800+HP

Transmission: custom TH400

Suspension: leaf spring

Running Gear: 10 ton Rockwell differentials

Tires: 66x43x25 inch Goodyear super terra tires

Cost to build: approx $90,000

Time to build: 3 years

I love your site and I just built a monster truck that I would like you to post on your website. The truck is called "Runnin II Wild". The owner and operator is Ron Tasker. The truck is a 66 Chevy panel with a 502 Chevy big block with 800 + HP. Tires 66x43x25. Leaf spring suspension. The truck is

from Okanagan Falls B.C. Canada. Thanks Dennis I appreciate it and I have a few more pics of Ron crushing a

bus. If you could post those that would be so great. Thanks so much Dennis. My name is Braden Mare and I own the little monster truck and it is called

"mini wild".


Hi Dennis

I was just sending you a picture of the new paint shceme for "Runnin' II Wild".


Braden Mare

Runnin' II Wild

Hey Dennis, havent talked to you in a while but I have some pics of Runnin' II Wild sitting beside Jurassic Attack, Born To Be Wild, Bearfoot, Maniac, Easyriders, and Firestorm. It was our first show with our truck sitting beside others so I tought it would be cool to post them on your site.


Braden Mare

Runnin' II Wild