Hello Dennis,

at first I want to apologize for my bad english!!

My Name is Christopher König, I'm from Germany, 22 years old and found your website a few weeks ago. I'm interessted in Monster Trucks since my childhood, i think it's great if someone take his own time and create a site like yours, respekt!!

But now I've got a question: about 15 years ago my dad recorded a movie from our tv-program on a vhs in which it goes about a young Trucker who build a Monster Truck and take revenge on some bad guys. Then the tape disappeared for this long time and at Thursday last week I found it in a box on our Attic. I remembered this truck and searched for some informations about it in the internet, but i didn't find much. So I thought that you maybe know something about this truck and if you've got a few minutes maybe you answer to my qestion. Maybe some things like: Exists the truck yet? Or who`s the owner of the truck? Which engine is in it . . .

The movie is called in original "Rolling Vengeance", in Germany "Monster Truck - Die Hölle auf Rädern", what means something like "The hell on wheels", it was released in 1987. The few pictures I found (sorry, only got them in tiny size) I added to this E-Mail, hope you can use them in anyway for your website.

So I close my "letter" to you and thank you for your time to read my E-Mail

See ya (or like in Germany: Bis bald)

Christopher König

PS: Go on with making those great website!!


According to our records at the American Monster Truck Hall of Fame and Museum, this truck was built by Mike Welch for the movie and later became Super Pete. I also have the movie on VHS somewhere, but would be surprised if it would play today. Thanks for writing.