Jim Oldaker

OWNER; Jim Oldaker

BODY; 1972 Dodge 300 Tradesman Van

ENGINE; 671 Detroit Diesel

TRANSMISSION; Fuller 5 speed

RUNNING GEAR; 5 ton Rockwell transfer case, 5 ton Rockwell axles

SUSPENSION; the original frame is spring mounted to the 2 1/2 ton water truck frame, leafs from the water truck and 16 Rough Country shocks

FEATURES; color TV, Stull Tube grill, 4 Stewart Warner lights on the light bar, chrome double bumper in the rear, and chrome triple bumper in the front with a brush guard.

TIRES; 66X43X25 inch Goodyear Terras

HEIGHT; 12 feet

WIDTH; 12 feet 6 inches

LENGTH; 20 feet

WEIGHT; 18,000 lbs.

TIME TO BUILD; 7 months

Jim sent me the next 7 pictures below . There are alot of them but it is worth the wait, so sit back and enjoy the shots. Thank you Jim and I hope you like what I've done with it. I also hope you enjoy the model I sent you.

I scanned these pictures from Magazines that I purchased.

Don Sheehey sent me these pictures.

These shots were captured from a video in Seattle 1987.