Dennis, I am sending you some pictures of the build up of Rolling Thunder II,

  Thanks Jeff.

 The old Peterbilt waits for it's new cargo,

the storm truck lies all over the back yard, the power plant waits to roar

once more, the Deezee shocks wait to be installed and the 89 caravan body

waits for it's coating of fiberglass, things are coming along slowly but

surely, thanks for your help and support, Jeff, Jerry, and Richard Young.

The Young family would also like to extend a heart felt THANK YOU to Jim Oldaker for licensing them to run the much respected Rollin' Thunder name.

I would like to thank the Young family and Jim for letting me cover the build up. Can't wait to see the truck.

As you can see, the truck is taking form.

UPDATE: The truck is running and soon to hit the paint shop. Dennis Taft is working on the paint design. We want it to look like the first Rollin' Thunder but with a twist of new.

Well here it is. The guys approved of this and felt it was time to share it with all of you.

UPDATE 5/7/1: Be testing the truck this week, going to paint shop next week, the first show is in

El Paso, June 1st,and 2nd, maybe Tucson the next week. Hope to have some pictures of the new look soon.

UPDATE 5/20/1: Tony Williams has been a tremendous help. He came on late but has been very helpful in supplying needed equipment, and doing some much needed welding and fabrication. We wouldn't be where we are now without him. Thanks Richard

Dennis, testing went great, the custom leafs, with the nitrogen shocks works nice. It'll be in the paint shop the next couple of weeks in preparation for the El Paso show. We're trying to keep it looking like original, like Jim did with his. We'll have the luggage rack in place along with rear view mirrors, and even a huge license plate and a custom made license plate holder. It's gonna be a great looking truck, and it'll be beating some of the big boys. It's about 3,000 pounds lighter than the Storm, and it still screams. As for contact info, it will be or call 505-885-1153 we're ready to go anywhere anytime. Thanks again for all your help and support, and that cool logo, hope to see you up the road somewhere.

Thanks, Richard

VEHICLE: 1992 Dodge Caravan


CARBURETION: injection system



RUNNING GEAR: ProFab transfer case, 5 ton military axles with Clark planetaries

TIRES: 66X43X25 inch Goodyear Terras

SUSPENSION: custom leafs and nitrogen shocks

The guys say the truck runs great. They had some drive line problems but got that fixed. I think it is so cool to have my artwork on the side of this truck. Thanks for making me a part of it guys.

This is the design I drew for the truck.