OWNER: Nick and Michelle Jackson of Clifton, Colorado

VEHICLE: 1980 Ford Ranger

ENGINE: 461 Chevy

CARBURETION: 2 Predators atop a tunnel ram



RUNNING GEAR: 2 1/2 ton transfer case, 5 ton Rockwell axles with 10 ton Clark planetaries

TIRES: 66X43X25 inch Goodyear Terras

SUSPENSION: leafs from an International Harvester tracter trailer, and a combination of gas shocks and Rancho shocks, 18 in all.

FEATURES: double tube roll bar, $7,000.00 worth of chrome, full roll cage.

COST TO BUILD: $70,000.00

WEIGHT: 12,900 lbs.

This used to be Dave Weizorek's Night Life. After Dave rolled the truck and crushed the Chevy body, he sold it to Nick and helped him rebuild it. Dave also did the paint job.

Dear Dennis,

Rocky Mountain Thunder was purchased by Steve and Vic Butler and she ran a few times as Rocky Mountain Thunder and was later repainted using the Lunatic name which suited the driver Steve Butler extremly well, a few years later Lunatic was sold to Clive Fetherby who then transformed it in to Outback Thunder as it still is today.

yours faithfully,

Stuart Forrest

Dusty Bengford sent me these shots.

I scanned these shots from Michael Benson's book "Monster Trucks". Photography by Mike Bargo.

I scanned these pictures from Magazines that I purchased.

The Rocky Mountain Thunder was at the Kansas Colissuem. Picture from Ryan Seddon

I took these pictures with a video capture card from a TV show.