Buddy Tompkins

Owners: JR McNeal and Chris Lagana (driver and co-owners of Razin Kane)


I am Niel Silveria the web master for www.razinkanemonstertrucks.com Chris Lagana (driver and co-owner of Razin Kane) asked me to email you.

You currently have a photo of Razin Kane on your site (love the site btw). We wanted to know if you would post a new pic of Razin Kane.

The truck looks completely different now. I think it would be a nice touch to leave the old pic up and post a new one as well but of course that would be up to you.

Thanks a million Niel Silveria

Neil Barlow sent me these shots.

James Mace let me use these shots.

Dennis love your Monster Truck Photo Album Site! Here are some pictures I have taken from shows I've been to. I hope you can use some on your site.

 James Upton of Nebraska

Daniel Hennis sent me these shots.