Jeff Cook, Mike Vaters and Tim Hall

Owner: Hall Brothers Racing, Inc., Champaign, Ill.

Model: 2013 Ram 1500 / Ram Heavy Duty

Engine: 565 cu. in. Supercharged HEMI®

Horsepower: 2000+

Transmission: Automatic

Suspension: 8 KS Nitro Gas Shocks, 4-Link Suspension

Axles: Specially Constructed Racing Axles Equipped With Detroit Locker

Chassis: Hall Brothers custom tubular racing chassis

Tires: Custom Grooved 66" x 43" x 25" Goodyear Terra Racing Tires

Certification: MTRA

Value: $150,000+

Graphics By: Competition Graphics, Farmington Hills, MI

Height: 10 ft.

Width: 12.5 ft.

Weight: 10,300 lbs.

Website: www.raminator.com

I took these shots in Bloomsburg, Pa. 2016.

I captured these from videos.