This was in the parking lot of Pontiac Show last weekend. Look at the headers they go forward??? & out the front

Paul M Harry

Dawn did a great job.

Jimmy took the racing win. He's getting set for this weekend

Kathy's truck has tons of power but it looked like her suspension was to stiff.

Dennis has a handle on his new truck. He rolls it like any of his other trucks, LOL.

Tom likes driving through things like RVs. After taking on the RV he only had 3 wheels & still took on stuff, COOL.

He took the freestyle

Jim Rolled in racing & couldn't freestyle, but he needed to take the body off for this weekend.

He has an ORANGE BODY this weekend

Brian did a great job. He rolled in freestyle in the same place he rolled Inferno last year.

Last year

Air Man Dan did just that.

Tony rolled 2 X. 1 in Racing semi finales & 1 in Freestyle, check out the sparkes on the last shot

Carl Van Horn was driving & he was doing a supper job. Carl is a great person