This is for all you monster owners out there. You have a truck or are building a new one. It's time to paint that pride of yours. Well I'm not an expert but I can tell you from a fan's and photographer's point of view what works and what does not.

First let's think of your truck as a flower in a meadow of many flowers (trucks). The fans coming to the show are bees. We are concentrating on the paint, putting all reputations a side. You want your flower to attract the most bees.

As a fan going to my first Monster truck show, knowing nothing about monster trucks, having never seen any before. At this point I'm not influenced by the history of Bigfoot, Grave Digger, or the Meents line-up. I walk in to the pits to see the trucks up close, which one will I go to first? The coolest looking, or eye-catching of coarse. So this means sharp bright colors are good, unique body styles also help. If there are 5 every day pickups and one car or old fashioned anything, I'll guarantee several fans will say, "That one's cool".

Now break your truck down in to two separate parts. Chassis and body. I recommend never paint them the same color. Always use a brighter color for the chassis. Fans are very interested in how the truck is put together and we take oh so many photos of them. When looking at the pictures we like to study the chassis, but because of dark shadows it is hard to see the tubing when painted a dark color.

On a brightly lit day you think, I'll get some great photos from this show. However the bright light causes heavy shadows. I'm not saying copy the Digger, but you can see that the bright green makes the chassis visible even in the shadows, where it is almost impossible to see the details of the Meents truck. Never paint the chassis black. Let's not forget those wonderful axles, we need to brighten them up also. In most shots it is really hard to see 2 of the more important parts of the truck.

Now the body. first thing, stay away from black unless you are going to use it for a base color with a bright over lay that covers most of the body, such as in the case of the Digger above. Remember, eye-catching. Do not paint the truck one color and throw a small name on the door. Boring.

Next use some imagination to come up with an amazing paint job that will cause the fans to stand and study the truck. Incorporate the theme through the whole body of the truck.

Next stay away from white for the main body. White is an eye-catcher, but makes it hard to adjust the pictures for the web. And let's face it, you guys get a lot of coverage on the web. The problem with white is the more you try to get rid of the shadows, to see the rest of the truck the more detail you lose in the body of the truck. If the shot is outside against a bright sky, the truck fades off into the sky such as in the next shot that I took of the Jersey Outlaw and the next from a magazine.

The next is the biggest crime off all. I'm not knocking this truck because from the pictures that Donnie Farrelly sent me, it seems to perform very well. However it breaks every rule of paint there is. Black chassis, black body, small name painted on the door which includes white. In a dark indoor setting it is hard to adjust the shot to see any detail of the truck without losing the white lettering on the door.

I understand that the suggestions I've given can be expensive and time consuming but it could put your new truck on the most wanted list.