No. 2 on 10 footers. I scanned these shots from Michael Bargo's book "Monster Trucks".

No. 2 on 10 footers. I scanned this shot from Bill Holder's book "Monstrous Trucks". Photography by Harry Dunn.

Jeff Cook of War Wagon sent me these shots.

Heres a pic from Fords 100th anv. My boss Mike Bradley took while he was up there displaying his Lincoln.Well hope all is well.Take care, Donnie Farrelly

This shot is from Cory Schwab's summer vacation in St. Louis.

Don Sheehey sent me the next 9 shots.

Mike K. sent me these shots.

Steve Hurt sent me this shot.

Jesse Hock, and his Daughter Alexia sent me these shots.

Bigfoot 1 was at the Tampa Stadium.

Rick Babb of Babb Audio in Sebring, Florida

Steve Hurt sent me these pictures.

Liz Plecker sent me these 2 shots.

Jim Kramer changing the tires.

Bigfoot II on the left, Bigfoot I on the Right.

My wife Ann took this shot.

The rest of these are from the movie, " Take this job and shuv it".