Bob Chandler

Bob & Marilyn Chandler

BIGFOOT 1 is "The Original Monster Truck" first owned by Bob & Marilyn Chandler in 1974. In 1976, Bob began the first of what would become an endless series of modifications along the road to what is now recognized as a monster truck. BIGFOOT 1 began its career at local mud runs and truck pulls. The famous rear steering was introduced on BIGFOOT 1 in 1979. The same year, it also starred in the movie "Take This Job And Shove It". BIGFOOT 1 was also the first monster truck to drive over cars for an audience in 1982. BIGFOOT 1 evolved over a period of eight years, and has seen 18 different tire and wheel combinations from its original street truck setup through 120" Firestone Tundra tires, to the current standard-issue 66" Firestone 23 degree Flotation tires.

VEHICLE: 1974 F250 FORD Pickup with original steel body and frame, modified, fabricated and assembled by BIGFOOT 4X4, Inc., (formerly Midwest Four Wheel Drive, Inc.) in St. Louis, Missouri, from 1974 through 1982

ENGINE: 640 CI FORD, with an 871 BDS blower, 3 Predator carburetors, Isky Cams, K&N air filters, Mr. Gasket gaskets and System 1 oil filters

TRANSMISSION: FORD C6 automatic with Hurst shifter, a TCI race converter and a 2 1/2 ton vehicle transfer case

AXLES: 5 ton military with hardened axle shafts

SHOCKS: 14 Trailmaster BIGFOOT Signature Series Shocks

TIRES: 66x43x25 Firestone Flotation Tires

FUEL TYPE: Racing Fuels - Jaz fuel cell

HEIGHT: 10'6"

WIDTH: 11'4"

WEIGHT: 11,000 lbs.

The first 2 pictures are the original garage were Bigfoot was conceived. The second is the home of Bigfoot about 20 years ago.

This was the first time Bob tried to crush cars.

This was the first time Bob tried to crush cars in front of a crowd. Pontiac, MI 1983.

Bigfoot 4x4 let me use these shots. www.bigfoot4x4.com

I took these pictures in Bloomsburg, PA. 2000.

This was a Tugofwar between Bigfoot 1 and Bigfoot 5 in Bloomsburg, PA. 2000

Jeff Bates sent me these shots.

Dusty Bengford sent me these shots.

Rod Litzau, Rich Hooser, and Starvin Marvin Smith

hey Dennis,

 how are you. These pictures were sent to me by my good friend Troy Lawhorne. He emailed me these pictures because he knows I love monster trucks. The thing that is special to me about these pictures is this; Troy's house burnt down over the winter. He lost almost everything . Out of the handful of pictures that were saved, these were some of them. Take care and enjoy.

 Richard Scott

Thanks Rich and Troy. Sorry about your miss fortune.

The picture above is from Jim Mace of Lawton/Ft. Sill Oklahoma

Picture from Richard Scott.

This is a picture reprinted in the July 2002 issue of PETERSEN'S 4 WHEEL & OFF-ROAD magazine. It was originally on the cover of the same magazine in May 1979.

Chris Noga sent me these 2 pictures.

Shot from Marty Garza



I scanned this shot from Michael Bargo's book "Monster Trucks".




I scanned this shot from Bill Holder's book "The Ultimate Book Of Monster Trucks". Photography by John D. Farquhar.

I scanned this shot from Bill Holder's book "Monstrous Trucks". Photography by Harry Dunn.


I scanned this shot from Bill Holder's book "Monstrous Trucks". Photography by Harry Dunn.


Richard Scott sent me this shot.


I scanned these 2 shots from Bill Holder's book "Monstrous Trucks". Photography by Harry Dunn.

I scanned these pictures from Magazines that I purchased.

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This was my first monster truck model back in 1987. It was built straight out of the box.

My mother-in-law Lois Obrien gave me $10.oo for my birthday and I bought this model, so I guess you could say she got me started.

Cost to build; $15.oo Time to build; 10 hours Scale; 1/25

I used the decals that came with the model.

Yes the model did float.