Owner: Jeff Dane

Vehicle: 1975 Ford F-250

Engine: 600 Continental multi-fuel but runs on diesel.

Carburetion: Bosch injection and turbocharger

Horsepower: 370 HP, 690 FP of torque

Transmission: Detroit Allison M-42 six speed auto

Running Gear: 2 1/2 ton military transfer case, Rockwell 5 ton axles with Warn locking hubs

Suspension: shocks from an M-60 tank and custom made leafs

Tires: 48X31X20 inch Goodyear Terras

Features: tilt hood and bed, a Carwood 22,000 lb PTO winch up front and a Carwood 45,000 lb PTO winch in the rear, AM FM Dolby stereo and an 8 track player and a Midland 40 channel CB. Seats from a 1977 Trans Am. KC Daylighters, 4 Gibie off road lights, a triple roll bar and tube bumpers by Smittybilt

Cost to Build: $90,000.00

Weight: 12,500 lbs.

Top Speed: 85mph

Fuel Consumption: 3 mpg

The truck was built of Jeff's own idea. At the time he had not seen the Bigfoot or Bearfoot trucks.

The first known photographed and published car crush. Steve Hurt sent these 2 pictures.

Please use any monster truck pictures I have posted as you would like. Your web site is a great source for correct and accurate information regarding monster truck history.

Steve Dane

David Dane my dad taught me about mechanics nearly everyday and common sense everyday of my young life. I was the best tool fetcher ever from the time I could walk.

Steve Dane

Jeff Dane, Tattoo, Sadie and Zeke. Jeff drove his 1975 Ford from Killeen, TX. to Germantown, WI. It had 5-ton axles with locking hubs, a Continental diesel engine, 2 1/2 ton transfer case. He built the first monster truck ever and drove it home. Then the real fun began!

Back in the day the local Germantown police would call Jeff when they needed some serious winching.

This is the what it looked like the first time I saw it, the rest is history. Once people were paying to see cars crushed, alot of things changed quickly.

Steve Dane

Jeff Dane

This picture is from Jim Mace of Lawton/Ft. Sill Oklahoma

Richard Scott sent me this shot.