IT'S BACK!!!!!!!!!

After a few years as the Bully Dog, the No Boundaries name is back on the truck.

Well the truck came back home last night...


I think you will be impressed.

Yes, I know.. No, No Boundaries. And yes, I cried, but Colin felt it was time for a change.

My little brother is taking over the name which will probably be. No Boundaries unleashed!

Which unleashed came from the theme on the new racer where it says on the side, Unleash the power.

 It took a week to repaint the truck and get it where they wanted it and he still has things to do on it.

We will be heading for a truck show with BULLYDOG and they will have him do some advertising for them as well for T.V.

 The Dorshimer's

September 1st at the West End Fair the No Boundaries Team, once again gave away a new helmet to 1 lucky child in the Grandstands for the Monster truck/ Tuff truck show.

With the help of a fellow racer; Jack Yancheck. Both Colin and Jack scoped the Grandstands out for one little child that stood out in the crowd. This year it was a little girl. After the event, the Announcer brought Colin to the grandstands where he announced what was about to happen. Many excited boys and girls swarmed on Colin wanting that helmet and Bigfoot T-shirt. But, Colin and Jack had that little girl who sat so shyly upon her Mother's lap already picked before the show started.

 The night was rainy, the track was like an ice rink. But that did not stop the drivers from putting on a fantastic show once again for the West End Fair spectators. Each one of the tuff truck drivers tossed donated shirts into the grandstands. That was a big hit for the fans.

 Another fun night at the Fair.

In Bloomsburg, PA. Colin was going for his 4th year winning the weekend back to back. We all had our fingers crossed and the final race was one of the closest ever. No Boundaries crossed the line 2 inches shy of the win. Sadly this was the only picture I got of him, since I couldn't be there Sunday.

Colin had a good weekend in Connecticut On Saturday afternoon he WON the event. At the fastest time for the entire weekend. On Saturday night for the Finals he went a bit to far in the one turn and ended with a 2nd place finish and on Sunday he got a 3rd over all. So a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

No other driver but Colin was in all 3 events.

The NO BOUNDARIES is ready for a busy month of racing. Heading to Connecticut at the end of the month, then to Essex Junction Vermont in August and back down to the Home town of Bloomsburg on the 20th in hopes to defend his title for the 4th consecutive year at the Special Events 4x4 Jamboree.

 The Team has been busy racing at many events over the past few weeks. Showing the truck to young fans and attending parties for the youngsters.

SHE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\

We are so proud of her accomplishments and now to a new future that is ahead of her.

 It poured and it was so cold, those poor kids had to be freezing in the rain and wind. But they did not seem to mind. They just wanted to walk away and begin a new future. One that may be much easier or much harder. Time will tell for each of them.

 We do know one thing..Daria was happy to walk off that property for the last time.


Introducing the brand new 2006 No Boundaries. It took most of the fall and winter to design, build, paint, and prep for the 2006 racing season. However we think we have a real winner here. And aint she a beauty!!!!!