Colin's little guy fan from New Zealand. How cool is that. His name is Ethan.

Ethan sent this letter:

Hello Colin,

 I have finally been able to take these pictures for you. I am so sorry it has taken so long. I recieved the camera today. I hope they get thru o.k as I had to send them thru the save file. Ethan is a big fan and he has signed the guestbook on your website. His friends can't wait for the colouring books to arrive. I asked Ethan if he wanted his friends to get their photo taken with him, but it was a big NO. He wanted to be the only one. His family think it's great. You all have something to be very proud of with what you have achieved and it's extra special being so family involved. Thank you for letting us be apart of that from so far away.

 All the best

Carmen and Ethan

Local fan of Colin's...

Thomas Masten of Pocono Mountain.

Today Colin was asked to come to a little boys 5th birthday party with the truck.

 The guest of honor was Mason George. Son of Kelly and Shawn George.

 Mason is an avid fan of monster trucks. His party decorations were monster trucks.

Colin added to his collection with a Mike Vaters(Black Stallion t-shirt and a Bounty Hunter die-cast monster truck.

 These little kids were so cute.

 We enjoyed taking the time to be part of Mason's 5th birthday party.