Owner: John Nowacki

Hello Dennis , first of all thanks for having this site, I am going to give you a little more information and a couple more pictures of my trucks. My name is John Nowacki / Johnny Mud and I live in New Carlisle , IN . The mud monster is a 78 chevy that I have owned from day 1 it has a 396 chevy with 2.5 rockwells . The old gang green trucks new name is phantom 109 [after a old truck drivers song ] It now has 67 x 43 rice and cane tires and for a engine it has a detroit diesel silver 8v92 with twin turbos on it 750 diesel HP. If you have any more question email me back, thanks, John Nowacki

Good afternoon Dennis,

Thanks for putting both of my trucks on your site. I wish to send you more information & pics of my trucks. My name is John Nowacki, of Sage Road Monster Trucks, out of New Carlisle, Indiana.

 The "Mud Monster" is a '78 Chevy. It has a 396 4-speed transmission, 2.5 ton Rockwells, And it rides on 66x43x25 GoodYears.

The old "gang Green" truck is no longer "Gang Green", it is the "Sage Road Monster". It has a silver 8V92 Detroit Diesel, twin turbos, & marine injectors, with 700 Horsepower, 2000 ft. lbs. torque. It rides on 67x34x30 Rice & Kane tires. Ten ton Mack Axles.

 I really enjoy your site. Have a great Day!!

You may contact me through email at

Pictures to follow!!

Mud Monster the brown chevy always looks good..

Enjoy,Steve Hurt

Steve Hurt sent me these shots.