Here is another truck from Richard Scott. It is owned by Thomas Hall from Tower Hill, IL. It is on a 250000 pound large aircraft recovery vehicle chassis. It has a stock 413 ci Chrysler motor. It has 5 ton Rockwells with four wheel steering and lockers front and back. They have it listed as Monster Tug. I will try calling Tom today and get a name.

 I called Tom Hall and he said the truck had no name, it was just his toy. He said it was fine if we wanted to call it "Monster Tug". I have his email address. He said he would send up some killer pics of it. It was mainly used to pull stuck tractors and combines out of the mud.


Thanks Rich, fine research. I wrote Rich telling him that I just saw this one somewhere, but couldn't remember where. I didn't know the name to research the truck, but I know I just saw it. Old age maybe setting in.