OWNER; Ted Hutchens of Rogersville, Mo.

VEHICLE; 1985 GMC 1500 Sierra Classic

ENGINE; 396 Chevy changed to a 454 Chevy

HORSEPOWER; 1,000 @ 7,500 RPM (est)


RUNNING GEAR; 2 1/2 ton military transfer case, 1968 Corvette differentials above 5 ton Rockwell military axles with 10 ton planetaries with Detroit Lockers

SUSPENSION; 7 leaf packs and 4 shocks per corner

TIRES; 73X44X32 inch Goodyear Terras

FEATURES: fully functional Sierra Classic interior, bed mounted 45 gallon fuel cell, and tilt hood.

VALUE: $100,000.00

A few of you were right!

Several of you have wrote saying you think it is Bearfoot. So I asked Ted and this is what he had to say.


  Yes, the truck was originally the Bearfoot III. The owner was a cousin of Fred Shafer (original Bearfoot guy) who had a sudden medical problem that forced the sale. I got the truck in early 1986 and added the wheels and tires (it came without them), paint and interior, and pitched the alcohol & injection system (too much trouble) for dual Predators. The truck was untested and unproven and I did all of the 'de-bugging'.-Ted

I saw the resemblance but there was just enough difference in the suspended diff above the axle that I didn't think this was a Bearfoot truck. That is because I never saw this particular Bearfoot.


  Thanks again for posting the info on the truck. The differential covers left (shipped to Fred Shafer) after the truck arrived. I had to have new ones machined out of billet aluminum. I added magnetic level checks and drain plugs and left the Chevy emblem off because I switched the truck to GMC. I also lost the chrome lamps across the roll bar because I felt it looked too busy. Those differences and the color change with flames gave it a new look. The cousin to Fred that owned this Bearfoot had a brain hemmorage and literally lost his memory. He was doing o.k. when they delivered the truck and relearning stuff. The truck as Bearfoot was featured in a couple of magazines and, of course, the ZZ Top video. If you haven't seen it get a copy that features 'Sleeping Bag'.-Ted

I appreciate your site. I have attached some better photos of Mr. Bad. Currently Mr. Bad is retired to the street. The boy is my son Ted III, now 20 years old.

Ted Hutchens

Thanks Ted, I'm pleased you have found my site. Dennis

Here is a little history in pictures of the growth of Ted's trucks.

War Wagon

Your Mama 2

Mr. Bad 1

Mr.Bad 2


  I just finished my first model in 35 years. I put a Bigfoot drivetrain under a diecast Jeep model identical to a friends Wrangler. Her last name is Fite, so I'm calling it 'BIGFITE'.-Ted (Mr. Bad)

I normally put my models here, but I felt this was cool so I'm sharing Ted's model with you.