Hi Dennis!!!!

I’m very proud to share my pictures with you. As you can see, I’ve separate the pics of each truck with directories. The little boy in red on the pics is my son.

Here is the description of the course.

It was on October 25, 2003.

Qualification runs (and presentation of monster trucks)

Sobe and Ragin' Steel

Maximum Destruction and High Roller

Grave Digger and Wolverine -> Grave Digger had a fantastic jump over the ramp and kept control of the truck but got ignition problems before the finish line, so he was out of the course. Very disappointed.

Sudden Impact and Gun Slinger

Ninja Turtle and Little Tiger

Round 1

Ninja Turtle make a bye run (Grave Digger out)

Sudden Impact vs Wolverine -> Wolverine

Maximum Destruction vs High Roller -> High Roller

Ragin' Steel vs Little Tiger (fastest looser) -> Ragin' Steel

Gun Slinger vs Sobe -> Gun Slinger

Round 2

Ninja Turtle vs Little Tiger -> Ninja Turtle

High Roller vs Wolverine -> Wolverine

Ragin' Steel (fastest looser) vs Gun Slinger -> Gun Slinger


Ninja Turtle vs Ragin' Steel -> Ninja Turtle

Gun Slinger (fastest looser) vs Wolverine -> Wolverine


Wolverine was not able to refire the truck in time so Gun Slinger move to the final.

Ninja Turtle vs Gun Slinger -> Gun Slinger the WINNER!!

For the Freestyle, I’ve tried to make some pics but the results were very bad. Only a few pics were OK so I’ve put them on the trucks directories. I was not able to work in manual mode with my camera because I bought it only 2 days before the show. So I closed the camera and enjoyed the freestyle. All the trucks made a great run that amazed me and my son. Here are some highlights :

Sobe had a severe roll over with big damage to the truck. Grave Digger had an early roll over on the side (disappointed again). High Roller made a great save by putting the gas pedal to the floor after the truck came on to it's side. He rolled at least 200 feet on it's side before it came back to 4 wheels. His run stopped after making a spectacular roll over with a flip. Maximum Destruction made an incredible run with very big air, a few great saves, a complete end over end flip (like the Grave Digger on the World Finals 3 freestyle) and finally stopped after transmission problems on the donuts- a perfect 30.

Hope you enjoy. Keep me informed.


Daniel Gauthier

Daniel, Thanks so much for the wonderful pictures and fantastic show coverage.

As Daniel stated before he had a new camera that he had not used before. I think we have all been to shows were the camera did not stop the action clearly. So many of the racing shots are fuzzy and we can't fig that. However Daniel did capture some of the clearest Pit Party shots I've seen. Daniel put all of his shots on disc and snail mailed them to me in very large jpg.s most around 600kbs. I have reduced them down and put them here. I didn't use all of the shots because he took so many, but there are well over 100 that I did use. Again, great job Daniel, Thanks.


Grave Digger

Gun Slinger

High Roller

Little Tiger

Maximum Destruction

Ninja Turtle

Ragin' Steel

Sudden Impact