Hi Dennis

the event was the Montreal Monster Jam on October 30 2004,

at the Olympic Stadium (former home of the Montreal Expos).


Roy Habib

Hi Dennis

Here is the show coverage from USHRA Monster JAM that occurs the 30 October.

Pit Party

The little boy in blue is my son. He really appreciates the Monster Mutt truck.

This year Phil Foster drives the big name with the Maximum Destruction. Last year, he drove the High Roller when he was a rookie. I think that Tom Meents found that Montreal is too far for him because he was not here last year&ldots;.

The War Wizard haves an amazing look. I think that this truck is a masterpiece of engineering with it's very compact design and his sway arm suspension system.

Look at the pictures of the Ameriquest truck. I recognize the design of Brian Barthel's truck. I asked to the driver if it was the second Little Tiger chassis and he told me that it is the old Wolverine chassis. He found that I've a very good eye&ldots;

Like last year, Grave Digger was be far the most popular truck. It is very difficult to take some overall pics because it had so many people around the truck. The design of this Grave Digger #19 is really impressive.


Qualification run

Monster Mutt vs Avenger

El Toro Loco vs Ameriquest

Grave Digger vs War Wizard

Maximum Destruction vs Hot Wheel

Little Tiger vs Blue Thunder


Round 1

Avenger vs Ameriquest -> Avenger

Blue Thunder vs -> Blue Thunder

Grave Digger vs Little Tiger -> Grave Digger

El Toro Loco vs War Wizard -> El Toro Loco

Maximum Destruction vs Hot Wheel (fastest looser)-> Maximum Destruction the winner with a spectacular roll over


Round 2

Avenger vs Hot Wheel -> Hot Wheel

Grave Digger vs Blue Thunder -> Grave Digger

Maximum Destruction vs El Toro Loco (fastest looser) -> Maximum Destruction


Semi final

Hot Wheel vs El Toro Loco -> El Toro Loco

Grave Digger vs Maximum Destruction -> Grave Digger



Grave Digger vs El Toro Loco -> Grave Digger THE WINNER!! with perfect runs round after round. The Grave Digger #19 is an amazing racing machine.



There are many severe roll over in this show. Little Tiger won the freestyle with a perfect 30. The 3 judges were very bad in their point distribution. The were boo-oohs many times by the crowd. Personally I think that the Little Tiger's win is merited with his amazing freestyle.

Have a great time with these hundreds of pictures and videos.

Continue your extraordinary work.


Daniel Gauthier

I can not afford the space to put the videos on the site, but as I watched them I was thinking that Little Tiger had really stepped up his freestyle show. Then I read what you wrote and found that he had won the show. I completely agree with that, very impressed.