Hi Dennis!!

I think the last time I sent you pictures was in the Christmas time.

These are the pictures of the December 2002 Montreal show. The picture

quality is not very good because the air was smooky so I shot only at

1/30 sec. It was a great show with a lot of action. In course, in his

first run, Trasher broke the front steering bar after a hard landing on

the front grill. The course winner was Black Stallion in final with

Monster Patrol. I've really enjoyed the course action. In freestyle,

Rap Attack had the craziest run and finish with the roll over the bus

pyramid. It was the first time for me to see a roll over in person and

I've liked it!!. Brutus made a great jump over the ambulance and broke

the front knuckle but, without any power on the front axle, he tried to

climb the pyramid but got stuck on top!!. Black Stallion made some great

wheelies and pass on everything including the mud pit. American Guardian

put some great donuts with big flame on back. It was the best show I've

ever seen.

Hope you enjoy!!

Sincerly, Daniel Gauthier

The shots are much better than you give yourself credit, Thank you.