I took this picture of Paul Shafer in 1993.

Tom Meents

Dave Ryan

OWNER: Paul Shafer

I took the 22 pictures below in Bloomsburg, Pa. where I saw Monster Patrol at least 4 different years starting in 1993.

Bloomsburg, PA.  Rear Suspension
Bloomsburg, PA.  Front Suspension

Paul Shafer gave me these 2 pictures.

I scanned these shots from a Monster Jam Official Souvenir Yearbook.

I scanned these pictures from Magazines that I purchased.

Thanks Tad! Thanks Tad!

From Tad

From John Poe

From Don Sheehey

From Landon Harrison

Monster Patrol driven by Gene Kinal. Landon Harrison

Justin Spulak sent me these shots.

Dalton Hastings sent me these 2 shots.

I built this model for Paul Shafer using a USA-1 and a Chevy Silverado model.

Cost to build; $25.oo Time to build; 64 hours Scale; 1/25th

Features; Hand fabricated frame/cage, coil over shocks, nerf bars, wing, exhaust, and the front clip was extended about 3/4 inch. Completely hand painted.