OWNER: Paul Shafer Motorsports (#1) - KC's Fireworks

BODY: 2004 Ford Superduty

ENGINE: Naturally aspirated V8

The Monster Patrol Rides Truck is an interactive attraction at most KC's Fireworks monster truck shows, that offers crowds and families the opportunity to experience riding in a real monster truck. The rear bed is fitted with bench seats (complete with fold-down lap bars reminiscent of a rollercoaster) capable of seating 10-12 occupants and taking them on joyrides.

Another truck originally from the Paul Shafer Motorsports stable, the Monster Patrol Rides Truck was imported by KC's Fireworks from Shafer's workshop in Westville, Indiana; finally being released on the 3rd of March 2006 after 6 months of shipping and customs delays. It was given a full rebuild by new lessee Darrel McLeary, and began operating at KC's shows roughly two months later.

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