This is the rest of the back yard. The new camping area is in the woods behind the shed and tent.

This is the front yard where the purple maple is.

This is the apple tree in full bloom. The picture does not do it justice.

This is the pine grove and the corner of the front three season room and the corner of the garage.

The camping area goes down to the bank of a pond that is about 20 acres in size. I own 20 ft into the pond about 1 acre wide. I took this picture from a canoe last spring. There is a beaver hut in the area of the pond that is mine. I love to sit and watch the beavers and I don't care if they eat my trees.

These are a pair of fox babies that were born in a hole under a fallen tree behind the shed last spring. That's Tony's Mazda parked there, notice the Bob Chandler autographed Bigfoot license plate on the front bumper.