Owner: Mike Stroud from Okeechobee , Florida


 This is "Mad Max". It belongs to my buddy Mike Stroud from Okeechobee , Florida. Mike owned the monster swamp buggy before rebuilding it into "Money 4 Nothing". Well, to make a long story short, "Money 4 Nothing" caught fire . So, Mike took what was left and turned it into "Mad Max". Mike uses it for mudding at local events in Florida, but plans to do some car crushing too, maybe at his friendly nieghborhood CarQuest his buddy Rich manages :) . Its been beefed up to handle the tough Florida Swamps and mud. Here are some of the specs;

 8.3L Cummins diesel engine

  Allison 753 transmission

  FWD Transfercase

  20 ton Military fork lift axles with "Smily" faces painted on them to help get through the mud

  Hydraulic steering and winch

  Semi truck driveshafts

  66x43x25 inch tires on 36 inch wide wheels

  12 inch airbags that give Mike upto 23 inches of lift.

 I have rode in this beast and let me tell you , it is wild. I am not sure of the wieght, but I know it floats. Mike took me for a ride on his property in Okeechobee. He has a "Little" mud hole he plays in from time to time. On our third pass through the mud hole, we got stuck. When Mike would let off of the skinny pedal, "Mad Max" would rise up and start floating in the mud hole. Mike would get "Max" to the edge of the hole before being stopped, then he would mash the skinny pedal and we would sink right back down. We repeated this step many times before Mike, in defeat, jumped off of the buggy and got the backhoe. Needless to say, Mike extracted us quickly. I was totally covered in mud and if it wasn't for the fact I was driving, I would have rode home in the back of my truck. Anyways, enjoy. I will post more pics as I take them.

 Richard Scott