Owners: JSK Enterprises LLC located at 22C Hollister Rd in Seekonk Massachusetts

Body Type: 1986 Ford F-250 Full Size

Engine: Heavily modified 6-V53 Supercharged Detroit Diesel Engine

Horsepower: About 750

Torque: 1,850 ft-lbs

Transmission: Automatic Allison MT640 Six Speed

Running Gear: Two stage Rockwell military transfer case and 5 ton Rockwell military axles

Suspension: Custom Fabricated re-arched 10 leafs and 16 Trailblazer shocks

Tire Type: Goodyear Terras

Tire Size: 74X44X32

Tire Weight: 750lbs each

Wheels: Custom built chrome 32X38

Cost to build: about $250,000 (over many, many years)

Cost of tires: $28,000

Paint: Custom Airbrushing and paint by Airbrush Dynamics

Cost of Paint and Airbrushing: $10,000

Weight: 20,000 lbs with 74-Inch Tires

Height: 14 ft plus with 74-Inch Tires

Other features: custom chrome lightbar with 11 KC lights, 4 wheel steering, hydraulic dump body, air horns, electric one piece tilt front end, electric side steps, propane front mounted flame thrower, custom chrome bumpers with 2 winches, over 700 hundred under carriage lights, announcement system, custom etched side glass windows, 2 sunroofs, and many other custom one of a kind parts


MassDestruction Monster Truck facts:

One of the Largest monster truck still in use today

About 3 feet taller than the standard monster truck

Twice the weight of a standard monster truck

Over 300 hundred cars have been crushed as of today

Many of the trucks features can be controlled by remote control

One of the only Diesel powered monster trucks in use today


Hello Dennis,

 I have enjoyed your site for awhile now and thought i should let you know some updated information on one of the trucks. Your have the truck Godzilla previously owned by Al Thurber and A&A Enterprises listed on your site. The truck was retired into a museum for several years. I have recently purchased the truck, revamped it, re-named and have began doing events with it once again. Was previously the worlds largest until bigfoot 5 I believe. Still at over 14 feet tall and 10 tons it's still one of the biggest monsters out there. The new name is MassDestruction and is located at 22C Hollister Rd. Seekonk, Ma. 02771 at JSK Enterprises LLC Offices. It has a brand new $10,000 Airbrushed paint job and has Glowing Eyes in the hood, All new chrome, New shocks, Axles, Hubs, Electric System and many other updates. I have just finished working on the truck and it hasn't had any exposure yet so very few people even know it exists. Thanks for your time if you have any questions on the truck let me know.


 Shawn D. Bell

new business email is being set up will be:



JSK Enterprises LLC

MassDestruction Monster Truck

Monster Truck Shows and Events

 To book a performance or an event call:

Shawn: (774)229-6672

John: (508)294-4615

Keith: (774)930-6003

Office: 22C Holister Rd. Seekonk, Ma. 02771

Office phone: (508)336-4226

Mail: P.O. Box 448 Seekonk, Ma. 02771

On March 18 and 19 we will be at the Maine Motorsports Festival in the Hunnewell Valley 4X4 Jamboree booth and March 20th we will be in the Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Boston MA. If you have a way of attending the 4x4 Jamboree in Maine it is going to be the largest gathering of monster trucks ever(At least as far as I know). The Dates for that show are July 1,2,3, and 4th check out their website it's . Well again thanks for all the help.


Shawn D. Bell

Ron and Shelley Kujat let me use the picture from the Aces High site.