My father (Carl Taft) and I (Dennis Taft) drove the 14 hours to Georgia. We arrived around 4 PM on Wednesday. Michael Harper already had the track mostly laid out. We put the boat in the pond and filled the pond with water, painted some more of the cars, hung the banners and just worked on getting ready for Thursdays Press day. I took the 3 pictures that were put together to make the picture above during Press day. It was a whole new experience being involved with running a show. Michael ran the event but he called on Dad and I to do many things to keep things going as smooth as possible. We really had a great time but slept great when the long days were over. I got to meet and become good friends with Mike Gallaway. Mike used to announce the Monster Trucks on the ESPN shows in the 80's and 90's. It was a real honor.

Michael Harper asked Dad to be a part of the show. He drove a short bus that was painted up with Taz on the side. Dad came in the track like he was not supposed to be there, racing around and doing donuts in the in field as the police were chasing him.

I got to get reacquainted with Bennett Clark. He have not seen each other since 1988, so that was nice. I met several new friends and caught up with some that I hadn't seen in a while.

All truck shows have to have other atractions to give the trucks time to cool or to make repairs. Since this was at a race track it was only natural to use race cars. We had Legend cars, drifters, and jet cars.

Paul Miller "57" Blaze Of Glory Jet Funny Car

Dad took this picture.

Old Glory

Jerry "The King" Lawler

Friday Wheelies

Saturday Wheelies