This is a monster firetruck owned by Alex Alger of Wisconsin. It is called Krazy Kramers 1948 international monster firetruck. Enclosed in this email is a letter to the central Wisconsin State Fair. Enjoy.

Richard Scott

Krazy Kramers Monster Truck Rides

W2195 Country Club Lane

East Troy, WI 53120



Krazy Kramers monster truck rides offer a unique thrill ride that generates tremendous excitement in the hearts of young and the young at heart.

Are you looking for something different to add some variety to your event? Come and take a unique ride on this 1948 International monster fire truck. The truck is dedicated to our heroes from September 11, the New York fire fighters. It has working lights and siren. This vehicle is very versatile and can be used in commercials, parades and for rides. Rides can be given at fairs, grand openings and other special events. This truck has seat belts for 15 people. It is 12 feet wide and just over 10 feet tall. Duration of rides range from 5-7 minutes. A course can be set up any where these specifications are met: a 14 foot wide path at least 200 yards long with a 25 foot diameter turn around at each end. The length of the path does not have to be straight, in fact the more twists and turns the better and the terrain can be hilly and uneven. We can create a closed course where the truck can run back and forth and around as the driver desires. Another choice would be to drive around the perimeter of your special event or around and between other attractions at your event. The course must be fenced in to ensure the safety of the guests. Four-wheel steering offers precise turning and insures an exciting thrill ride for all passengers for only $5-7.

Monster truck rides work well in conjunction with events such as truck/tractor pulls, demo derbies and other large attractions. Rides can be given before, during intermission and at the end of such events. The truck can be booked for the entire fair or for individual days.

Krazy Kramers LLC, will negotiate a fee for our services with your event receiving all the revenue generated. With this first choice you can determine the price of the ride. The second choice would be our negotiating a percentage split of the revenue.

Please contact me (Alex Alger) at 262-215-5653 if you have any questions. Our company is very adaptable to meeting the specific needs of your event. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Alex Alger

The crew going for a ride.