OWNER: Mark Bendler of Milwaukee, Wis.


ENGINE: 454 cu.in. Chevy bored to 496 cu.in.

CARBURETION: two 660 cfm. Holleys


TRANSMISSION: TH400 and a Clark 5 speed

FRAME: consists of two 3/4 ton truck frames stacked and welded together, then reinforced with welded tube subframe and a channeled lower frame

RUNNING GEAR: 2 1/2 ton Rockwell military transfer case and 140 ton Pettibone Planetary axles which provide gear from 16.5:1 to 716:1

TIRES: 66X43X25 inch Firestone Flotation 23's

SUSPENSION: 20 ton military leafs and 28 Rugged Trail shocks

FEATURES: 12 KC Daylighters, 3 inch triple roll bar, custom front and rear bumpers, home made brush guard, and a Tulsa 60 ton winch.

COST TO BUILD: $145,000.00

TIME TO BUILD: 3 years

HEIGHT: 14 feet

WEIGHT: 22,000 lbs.

Being a fan of the old days, I feel this is a very impressive work of art. This one won't only move the house but the entire town.

I scanned these shots from Michael Bargo's book "Monster Trucks".

I scanned these pictures from Magazines that I purchased.

John Poe sent me this picture.

Steve Hurt sent me the next two shots. Steve said they came from Tim Greenfield that built the INTIMIDATOR.

I built this truck for MTM2.

This is a model I built of Kodiak using two Chevy Monster Truck models.

Cost to build: $25.00 Time to build: 50 hrs. Scale: 1/25th

Features: Hand fabricated frame, bumpers, winch, and drop boxes.

Completely hand painted.