Owner: RJ Wentworth

Body: 1987 Ford Ranger

Engine: 460 CI Ford

Transmission: C-6 Modified

Running Gear: 2.5 Military Air Shift Transfer Case, 5 Ton Axles

Tires: 66X43X25 Goodyear Terras

Hi Dennis,

I just wanted to send you a picture of RJ's new monster ride truck called Kickin'-N-Screamin'. He built it May 2006,

and been to alot of events since. RJ use to own the White Knight Monster Ride Truck and sold it last year. So

now we are back and we are Kickin'-N-Screamin' (lol) Anyhow here are a couple of pictures for your

site. We are still thinking on the art work, but as you know the custom paint job on the

White Knight turned out great. So we are wanting the Kickin'-N-Screamin' to be just as

good if not better.

 Thanks again for all the work you do on your site, we visit it often.

Mary Wentworth

SFC. James Mace sent me these shots.

Martin Wilbert sent me this shot.