OWNER; Don Buchholtz of Wyoming, Iowa

BODY; 1986 Peterbilt

ENGINE; 3,406 Cat


RUNNING GEAR; 2 1/2 ton transfer case, three 5 ton military axles

SUSPENSION; Peterbilt leafs and shocks

TIRES; 66X43X25 inch Goodyear Terras

FEATURES; an extensive amount of chrome, and large sleeper

HEIGHT: 13 feet

WEIGHT; 23,000 lbs.

I scanned this shot from Bill Holder's book "Monstrous Trucks". Photography by Harry Dunn.

I scanned these pictures from Magazines that I purchased.

Steve Hurt sent me this picture.

The King of the Road monster semi truck was at the Florida State Fair grounds at a show behind the fair. The semi monster was locked in a fence until the show which was the next day and I wasnt going to be there since I went to the fair with my family. I talked one of the truck pullers to let me in the fenced area where all the trucks where waiting for the show so I could get pics. There was a dirt track car race at the time so the truck pull was the next day. I then walked around looking for the owner of the truck King of the Road to get his autograph. I found him in the fair eating ice cream. In one pic you can see me holding the pulling power magazine issue with the feature on the king of the road with the drivers autograph in front of the monster semi.

The pics of the King of the Road monster semi crushing cars was at the same place at the Florida Fair grounds but the next year. The pics where not to good. I hope you can use them. Then the driver was a girl which they named the Princess of Power. She had the King hooked to a car which was hooked at the other end to another semi and the King would pull the car off the frame and drag it over the junk cars. That was wild. Wish the pics of where better

Rick Babb of Babb Audio in Sebring, Florida.

I built this truck for MTM2.

This is a model of the way the King might look as a whole rig. This was built using a Kenworth cab, a monogram monster tractor cab, Great Dane box trailer, and a Krusher model.

Cost to build; $85.oo Time to build; 65 hours Scale; 1/25th

Features; Hand fabricated frame, and tilt hood.

Completely hand painted.