OWNER: Kevin Dabney, Austin Coil, Pat Minick, and John Farkones of Tampa, Fl.

VEHICLE: 1989 Dodge

ENGINE: Chevy 388

CARBURETION: Weiand blower


RUNNING GEAR: 5 ton Rockwell military axles with 20 ton Clark Planetaries

TIRES: 66X43X25 inch Goodyear Terras which had Dick Cepek Giant Puller painted on them

SUSPENSION: Super Lift leafs, and 16 Heckethorne Big Yellow shocks

FEATURES: Ramsey winch and winch bumper, 9 Dick Cepek "Super Off Roader" lights, emergency flasher, full truck roll cage, rear mounted engine, and swinging rear fenders for engine access.

HEIGHT: 12 feet

WIDTH: 12 feet

WEIGHT: 14,000 lbs

This truck used to be Mega Force, Alien and later became Reckless.

I built this truck for MTM2.

I built this model for Kevin Dabney. It was built using 2 Dodges, and a monster Chevy Blazer.

Cost to Build; $25.oo Time to build; 40 hours Scale; 1/25th

Features; Hand fabricated frame, roll bar, fuel cell, swinging rear fenders, fire wall, rear air fin, arm rest on door, and wheelie bar. The extended cab was built by cutting the 2 cabs apart and glueing them together. Engine is mounted in the rear.

Completely hand painted.

A letter from Kevin Dabney.