Monster Jam Reliant Stadium

Houston, Texas 2/5/05

Covered by Cory Schwab

Racing Winner: Grave Digger

Freestyle Winner: Grave Digger


Grave Digger – Dennis Anderson

Maximum Destruction – Tom Meents

Hot Wheels - Guy Wood

Blue Thunder - Norm Miller

Escalade - George Balhan

Bounty Hunter - Jimmy Creten

Scarlet Bandit - Dawn Creten

Eradicator - Andy Slifko

Wild Hair - Jason Witte

Obsession - Rick Swanson

Cyborg - Jack Koberna

Tuff E Nuff - Sterling Littlejohn


 Racing Summary:

Qualifying Note: Maximum Destruction did not make it out of the qualifying round due to transmission and engine failure.

1st Round:

Grave Digger defeated Bounty Hunter

Escalade defeated Wild Hair

Hot Wheels defeated Scarlet Bandit

Eradicator defeated Blue Thunder

Obsession defeated Cyborg

(Scarlet Bandit advanced to round two as fast loser)


 2nd Round:

Grave Digger defeated Scarlet Bandit

Hot Wheels defeated Escalade

Eradicator defeated Obsession

(Scarlet Bandit advanced to semifinals as fast loser)



Grave Digger defeated Hot Wheels

Scarlet Bandit defeated Eradicator



Grave Digger defeated Scarlet Bandit


 Freestyle Summary:

Grave Digger 30

Bounty Hunter 27

Scarlet Bandit 24

Obsession 22

Blue Thunder 22

Escalade 20

Hot Wheels 18

Eradicator 17

Wild Hair 14

Tuff E Nuff 6

Cyborg 3