Part Monster, part tank, part helicopter, and part fighter jet.

Owner: Bob Perry of Tucson, Arizona

Vehicle: M1-A Abrams hand fabricated aluminum body

Engine: 540 cu.in.

Carburetion: Enderle injection system, 8-71 blower

Transmission: Allison AT-540 four-speed automatic

Running Gear: The chromoly driveline features 5-ton military parts and Dana U-joints, also utilizing FMC magnesium-housed planetaries equipped with internal steering brakes.

Chasis: M-548 Lance self-propelled rocket launcher that has been redesigned and rebuilt by Bob. Bob replaced the suspension system with 10 independent torsion bar springs working in conjunction with 20 aluminum road wheels turning inside 2 tracks, adjusted by hydraulic rams filled with silicone.

Steering System: unique nitrogen assisted system designed by Bob to replace the standard cutting brake-style levers. Special pressurized hydraulic pivot cutting brakes are also installed, using brake cylinders from an F-4 Phantom jet aircraft.

Features: on-board Halon fire system and a military surplus helicopter radiator.

Top Speed: over 100 mph.

Bob Perry has a history in motorsports. In the late 50's early 60's Bob worked with a Florida engineering firm, working with such NASCAR greats as Buddy Baker, Leroy Yarbourgh and the late Fireball Roberts. In 1965 he build his first wheel-standing vehicle called "The Fugitive," a rear engined 1964 Chevy Van. Bob then set several wheel-standing records in Fugitive II, a 1968 Corvette and he won several events. Next Bob built the original Hell on Wheels. It was an M-60 tank bodied wheel-stander. ( I saw this vehicle on an old tape I have.) Bob also built a companion vehicle based on a self-propelled howitzer called Hell's Fire. He started this project "Hell on Wheels II" in 1989.


Don Sheehey sent me these pictures.

I scanned these pictures from Magazines that I purchased.