Owner: Joe and Ruth Ann Gardner of Breckenridge, MO.

Vehicle: 1987 Chevy Silverado

Engine: 454 Chevy

Transmission: TH400

Running Gear: 5 ton military transfer case, and 10 ton Rockwell military axles with planetaries

Tires: 77 inch Firestones weighing 996 lbs. each

Suspension: Goodyear air bags over springs

Features: Tilt hood and bed, chrome double bumpers, chrome triple roll bar, chrome loovered tailgate cover, 5 lights and an electric musical horn on top the rall bar.

Those are my parents monster trucks. Attached is good pic crushing buses in Chillicothe, Mo.

 Thanks for doing this,

 Joel Gardner

I scanned these shots from Michael Bargo's book "Monster Trucks".

I scanned these pictures from Magazines that I purchased.

Miguel Montoya sent me these 3 shots.

You have pics of my dad's monster trucks Orange Crush, here's a shot of his mud truck in 1982 in Cameron, MO.

 Joel Gardner