Dennis, here is a few more trucks from the Gas Guzzy show. Jeff Cook's Shotgun Harry is simply awsome. Mud Monster the brown chevy always looks good. The white truck is the original Live Wire and was called Polar Bear before that, Rick Romanini owns it now along with his Uncle Slam truck here.

Enjoy, Steve Hurt

Thanks Steve and thanks to Jeff Cook for having an old school gathering. Got to love this stuff.

This past weekend at the Jeff Cook's Gas Guzzy show in Indiana Allen Pezo debuted dual tires on his restored Predator truck. He said he had never run them before. It worked well. He crushed cars and floated across a pond with it. Enjoy, Steve

Dennis here are the tanks from the Gas Guzzy show (10/16/2010). Rick Romanini has the Iron Reaper,former Star Trax. Andy Hoffman has the Nitecrawler. Enjoy, Steve Hurt

Johny Law

Wild Time